The Urgency of Change - A Weekend Gathering

Throughout his speaking life, Krishnamurti emphasised the need for a fundamental change in the mind of mankind.


Without such a transformation, he said, society cannot possibly change its ways, and we will continue on the destructive, violent path that we are following now. This path seems to be leading to a very dire future.

So can we change fundamentally in ourselves? This is really a crucial question.

You are invited to a weekend gathering to explore this question with others, through group dialogue, through exploring the words of Krishnamurti, and some time in silence and with nature.


The gathering is on the weekend of Friday 7th October until the afternoon of Sunday 9th October 2022, (afternoon tea will be served at 3pm; please arrive at the latest on Friday in time for dinner at 6.30 pm).

The venue is the beautiful, secluded, Waitetuna Retreat Centre, This is near Raglan, a two hour drive from Auckland. Help with transport can be arranged, including a pickup from Auckland, or Hamilton airport.

The cost of the gathering, including vegetarian meals, is estimated to be a little over $300. depending on numbers.

To make a booking, or request further details, please email Mirani: <> or call 0210 229 2644