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CANCELLED - A Gathering in Christchurch - April 2020

The Gathering in Christchurch, previously scheduled for 25th to 28th April, has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 emergency, and present government advisories. It is hoped that this Gathering will be able to be held later in the year.

A three day Gathering is being organised in Christchurch, 25th to 27th April. This will be at Risingholme Community Centre, and is non-residential.

Through self-inquiry, through silence, through dialogue, through observation, and with some reference to several authors, including Krishnamurti, we will inquire into the most fundamental problem of our life, thought, and the self.

It is emphasised that the Gathering implies the active and equal participation of all those attending, through dialogue, and activities. Although a program has been arranged, and sessions will be facilitated, there is no authority figure involved, no ideology, or belief.

It is hoped that during this Gathering we can explore some of the following questions:

  • Can we deeply enquire together, have dialogue together, putting aside what we know, our conclusions, our beliefs?

  • Can we listen to others, without interposing our opinions?

  • Can we put aside all notions of "what should be", and be concerned only with "what is"?

  • What is the real nature of thought?

  • Who am I?

  • What is true meditation?

  • Can the mind be quiet, still?


Thought is the very basis of the human mind, and if we wish to understand ourselves, we need to understand thought itself. Our civilisation and society, have been based on thought, and this may be why there is such confusion, so many problems. We are conditioned to try to solve all our problems using thought, but is this really possible?

So these are the issues that the Gathering is concerned with. Although there will be some similarities to the Coromandel Gathering last September, much of the material used will be new.

Facilitation is by Clive Elwell, and Mark Matsis.

Inquiries and applications to attend may be made to Mark Matsis: 027 240 6290 /

For more information see the Facebook Event page by clicking here: 

The problem of thought – an open enquiry